Here are the simple steps to map these keys

  1. Install PowerToys
  2. Open Keyboard Manager
  3. Map the keys as shown below

That is it.

You can waste time with numerous other solutions

  1. Installing Hotkeys
  2. Messing with registry settings
  3. Reading through forums etc.,

Unfortunately I did all those until I found the PowerToys too. This is one tool Microsoft should buy or make the functionality part of the operating system.



Here is the simple command to wake up MacOS remotely

wakeonlan -i -p 9 F4:5C:89:A7:D1:5F

Here is how you can install wakeonlan

brew install wakeonlan

There are so many UI applications mentioned but this is a lot simpler command line too.



There are 3 steps

a. Install pyenv-virtualenv
b. Create an environment
c. Switch to the new environment

1. Install

To setup and manage virtual python environments you would need pyenv-virtualenv

You can install it using:

$brew install pyenv pyenv-virtualenv

2. To see the list of python versions you already have.
$pyenv versions

2. Create an Environment

Then create an environment using this command. Pick any of the python versions you have on your environments.

$pyenv virtualenv 3.8.0 env1

3. Switch

To switch to the newly created environment

$pyenv activate env1



Short version

$aws s3 cp file.tar.gz s3://my-bucket/

Long version

Once in a while you are stuck with the need to upload a large out of your Linux/Ubuntu command line.

This involves a few steps.

  1. Install the aws command line.
    curl “" -o “”
    sudo ./aws/install
  2. Configure AWS
    $aws configure
    In this step you will be asked to provide the AWS access id and secret key.

That is all.

Additional Notes:

These are a few options not really worth wasting time on. They involve a lot more steps.

Looks like they ran out of funds. It use to work fine earlier but now dead.

b. Upload files from command line to OneDrive

c. Upload files from command line to Google Drive



If you are trying to import a Lex bot from a different account, you will encounter this error.

Lex can’t access the Lambda function arn:xxxx:function:bot-api in the context of intent arn:xxxxx:OpenOrderAmount:$LATEST. Check the resource based policy on the function and try your request again.

I tried replacing the correct ARN id of the function in the target environment but that won’t work. Lex tries to give execution permission when attaching a function to the fulfillment but it doesn’t do it while importing. I hope someday the AWS Lex wakes up and makes this process simple. Until then, here is a solution

The solution is simple:

1. open the json file and remove all codeHook elements. These are inside the fuulfillmentActivity element

2. Zip the file and import

It will successfully import. Now you have to manually link the function for each of the intents.