Scammers impersonating Government agencies 501-LLC

The scammers and fraudsters have become extremely sophisticated, after all the low-lifes adopt to the changing the world as long as they are live. Unfortunately this adaptation is built into the DNA.

They aren’t really destroying anybody’s life like a venomous snake bite or drug dealer or a robber or a criminal. They are petty thieves and we all like them around us to remind us of the low life variations human DNA can produce.

With that frustration out of the way, lets get to the point.

Today we received a form, that looks exactly like a government. It asking the form be sent back with $243 by a certain to avoid penalties.

It says Declaration of Members and Managers

And payments be sent to

Corporate Processing Service
836 57TH ST, SUITE 490
SACRAMENTO, CA 95819–3327

It is a scam letter. Don’t pay. Unfortunately some busy business people fall for it and making these low lives continue to live and double down on this effort. Don’t feel really bad if you fell for it. They are part of us. Feel better that you donated your part to keep them alive for now.