The Art of delaying anything for 9 months

The most commonly used tactic to delay any project or task for 9 months, is

4+2+1+2(15 days)+4(1 weeks)

  • Promise to make significant progress in the first 4 months but do nothing
  • Start something towards the end of 4 months and show progress, but ignore the task for 2 months
  • Make some more progress for 1 month
  • Highlight all kinds of impediments to progress twice, once every 2 weeks.
  • and the rest drags by itself.

How to counter people who apply these tactics?

One simple strategy is to send a note like:

‘I get that there is a delay and understand it is beyond your control. I also hate to follow up and annoy you. To save hassle for you can you give me the Order #, Phone # and tracking number so that I can keep an eye on it myself. I will have the satisfaction of helping you expedite blockers and make progress.’